Hourly Rates

Our price structure is very simple. When other flight schools impose up front block charges or member dues to qualify for a discounted rate, we give all of you the best deal, period. No prepayment is necessary so your money is not tied up.

There are several options available to make training more convenient to you. Flight, ground, and simulator training is conducted at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, NY. Ground and simulator training can also be conducted in Whitestone (Queens) or on your location.

Make sure you also take advantage of our new service Online Ground Instruction. All you need is a personal computer and fast internet connection. You will see all illustrations and instructor's materials on your screen either through a Power Point Presentation, a shared whiteboard, or through the web camera window. Regular telephone or Voice over IP is used for audio connection. A web camera and a comfortable headset will make sessions more pleasurable but are not required.

No more tolls, no more lost time in traffic jams. Most importantly, you can get your license in less time because the required time and money largely depend on the frequency of training sessions.

For equipment hourly rates please see the Fleet page.

 Service  Rate 
Flight Instruction
Ground and Simulator Instruction $70/hr
Headset Rental (passive noise reduction) free

* 5% discount (on rental and instruction only) is available with prepayment in the amount of $1,000 for single-engine airplanes and $3,000 for multi-engine airplanes. If a refund is requested, all affected invoices are recalculated based on regular rates plus processing fees.