Train on Your Budget

23 April 2014
Train on Your Budget

Flight training and flying in general has never been as expensive as today. High fuel prices, certification costs, expensive parts all contribute to the rising costs of flying. However, there’s still hope. Instead of maxing out your credit cards, apply with either AOPA Flex Loan ( or Pilot Finance ( They will develop a payment plan that suits your budget and schedule.

Of course, not all pilots get approved for a loan. For cases like these, we have developed a program that allows you to train on your budget and still move toward your goal. This is how it works.

Just like with Pilot Finance, you figure out your monthly budget. We sign an agreement that you will deposit this sum into your account every month until the quoted price of the course is reached. We then determine what you can accomplish within this budget.

Let’s say you can spend $500 monthly on flight training. You can accomplish a lot for that money. You can have either two flights lessons or a flight and several ground lessons. If you don’t spend your monthly amount within the same month, it will, of course, accumulate and roll over to the next month, but you still have to deposit the agreed sum into your account every month. This keeps you focused and disciplined.

The minimum monthly amount we can work with is $300. There are no costs or fees to administer this program. You don’t pay any interest. We just help you organize your training and keep you on track. Of course, it might take a little longer to get your wings, but it’s better than never.  All long roads are traveled by small steps! These steps will ensure that you will definitely fly.

We all know that family and other obligations can put a demand on your flight training funds, but if you enter this program, this money is already set aside for your flight training, and nobody can repurpose these funds. You are guaranteed that you will have your lessons funded and you will proceed towards your dream. Call us today!

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