Fly for Real

23 July 2014
Fly for Real

Airborn Flight Services, Inc. is built to provide efficient and cost-effective high quality pilot training. Training to the standards rivaling those of the major flight schools in the country. Whether you fly for recreation or want to become a professional pilot, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills to fly safely for many years to come.

All our training courses and materials are custom-developed. You can see samples in the section Download Materials. Training programs are structured so that even though each student is assigned primary and secondary instructors, any other instructor can pick up at any point in training without unnecessary reevaluation. Each student's progress is closely monitored by the Chief Pilot to help resolve any issues that might arise during training to prevent them from turning into full-blown problems.

We understand busy lives of New Yorkers and your desire to maximize your time on the ground during the bad weather. That's why our courses include extensive use of simulators, "dry flying" (practicing procedures on the ground), and computer technology. This means that if you want to train full-time, you can still complete your training in the same time it would take at Flight Safety or other major schools.

Once you have your license, you can rent our meticulously maintained airplanes for your pleasure and traveling needs. All inspections are done on time, and all discrepancies are taken care of in the prompt manner. The current inspection status of all airplanes along with current weight and balance data and other pertaining information is posted in the section Fleet. Our web-based scheduling system allows you to book your lessons or rental any time day or night. If it becomes necessary to ground an airplane due to a mechanical problem, we have it our top priority to notify you about your options.

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