Pilot Training Packages

18 June 2015
Pilot Training Packages

If you can fly in New York, you can fly anywhere! Learn from the best instructors in the world. Our students become pilots in less time than the national average.

For example, on average, it takes less than 50 fligth hours to become a private pilot in our school compared to the national average of 70 hours. Instrument rating is achieved at about the minimum required by FAA (40 hours).

We have the lowest attrition rate among instructors because our instructors are local professionals who have thousands of hours of pilot and teaching experience. Unlike in other schools, you will finish your traning with the same instructor you started.

Call us today to start your training 718-440-0660!


The following pilot training packages are available: 

Click on each one to get more details.

Recreational Pilot with Class B, C, D endorsement - $5,300
Private Pilot - $8,600
Instrument Rating - $6,800
Commercial Pilot Single-Engine - $3,400
Multi-Engine Rating - $4,300

Certified Flight Instructor Initial - $4,900

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument  - $4,900
Multi-Engine Instructor - $4,400

Complete Professional Pilot Course (Zero Time to MEI) - $49,900

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Abuvakar ali wurge
Abuvakar ali wurge
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