Meet Islip Controllers

22 April 2017
Meet Islip Controllers

Free Seminar
Meet Islip Controllers

Saturday June 17th, 2017 10AM - 12PM

Join us for an informative session about KISP Class C procedures with a Q&A presented by KISP New York Approach and Long Island Tower controllers.

The agenda inlcudes:

1. What is class Charlie airspace and what services can you get at Islip airport?

2. Class Charlie airpace safety regulations: IFR to IFR; IFR to VFR; VFR to VFR

3. Islip airspace altitude and area restrictions.

4. Ground operations.

5. Clearance delivery.

6. Tower job descriptions. What we do to provide excellent service for every flight.

7. What to expect during approaches.

8. How to terminate touch and goes and depart the area.

9. What is land and holdshort? And what to expect during land and holdshort.

10. Question and Answers.




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